Do you want to let go of food guilt?


I see you….


Have you ever experienced…

The unpredictability of digestive issues which lead you to second guess everything you eat? 

Being able to eat healthy all week, but once the weekend comes knocking it’s like you’re addicted to sugar.. Once you start you can’t stop and your unruly gut likes to remind you! 

The instant discomfort in your stomach after eating your favourite foods, but you just can’t live without! It’s so unfair that others don’t have to go through this…


What if it looked like this?

I want you to imagine….

You know what foods cause your flare-ups and how to get the nutrients you need from the safer alternatives. Despite not believing it is possible for you after all these years, you have solved the digestive health puzzle, feeling confident to socialise in your favourite outfits and to enjoy all foods

You have a balanced approach to food, no more sugar overload!


I am a nutritionist and yoga teacher specializing in disordered eating and digestive health. I combine nutrition, yoga and mindfulness based strategies to support people to break free from food rules and to gain food freedom, once and for all!

I have supported over 100 1-1 clients in finding food freedom, breaking free from emotional eating and improving their relationship to food and themselves.













The F.I.G (Food Is Good) For Life 1-1 programme!

The F.I.G (Food Is Good) For Life 1-1 programme is a 1-1 programme using my 5-pillar approach, moving you from food restriction to food inclusion, helping you to let go of food guilt and improve your digestion.

In our biweekly calls, we’ll work through each pillar, one by one. You’ll leave each session actionable tools and homework to work on between sessions. Helping you to create a more happy and healthy relationship with food, free from digestive issues.

Sounds good? Keep reading.

What the process looks like


What the process looks like

You’ll learn how to create a balanced, regular eating pattern to support your energy
and digestion without the rules and restrictions. Most importantly, this will be unique to you and your personal life commitments.

Honour your hunger
You’ll learn why hunger is important for all aspects of health, including digestion. This includes what hunger feels like to you and how to befriend it, instead of fearing it.

You’ll learn how to harness the power of mindfulness, helping you to tap into that more calm and relaxed state so you can enjoy your food without the fear of a flare.

You’ll learn how to get the balance right when it comes to movement. We’ll explore options that feel good to you while also reaping the many benefits of movement which go beyond changing how we look.

Food freedom
You’ll learn how to let go of food restrictions, rules and fears once and for all. Enabling
you to include all foods, without fear or guilt.

What you get: 

  • A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan tailored to your personal goals
  • Biweekly 1-1 sessions
  • Access to the Food Is Good Hub and all resources
  • Access to pre-recorded yoga classes 
  • Actionable tools and tasks between sessions 

Most importantly, a life free from digestive discomfort and food guilt once and for all. 

Investment: €298 per month for a minimum of 3 months.

This is for you if…

  • You’re strict with your diet during the week but lose control at the weekend and your bloating is a constant reminder.
  • You’ve tried avoiding the ‘trigger foods’ but turn to them on the tough days, leaving your tummy in knots
  • You’re fed up of the guilt and disappointment that comes when you break your food rules

This Is not for you if…

  • Do you want a meal plan or to be told what to eat
  • You’re looking for a quick fix to get rid of digestive issues
  • You want to deprive yourself of your favourite foods

Picture it....

  • You can eat your favourite foods without the fear of how your tummy will react
  • A life free from food rules and guilt after eating your favourite foods
  • Not turning to food when things get tricky

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‘Most importantly, my mind feels different: I am thinking clearly and it feels I have the headspace for other important things. Incredible how good nutrition and wellbeing can change your life’ - Kathy.