Beat the bloat without cutting out more food

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Does this sound like you?


'I loved the weekly calls. There was great interaction between the participants and Sarah is so knowledgeable, patient and so kind in her approach. I felt at ease to share my symptoms within the group.' - Laura

Sighing and reaching for the loose trousers again because your belly is so unpredictable - you never feel like you can dress up anymore.

You've tried every dietary protocol under the sun - FODMAP? Completed it... and it didn’t even work.

You’re lying awake at night, plumbing the depths of Google, searching for 'The Thing' that keeps setting off your belly.

I want you to imagine….


You feel light and confident day to day

You don’t have to worry about having a bloat friendly outfit

You can eat your favorutie foods without the fear of repercussions

What would that look like?

More importantly… how would that feel?



Sarah is the founder of F.I.G (Food Is Good) Nutrition and is a registered associate nutritionist and yoga teacher specialising in digestion and disordered eating. Combining a unique blend of nutrition and mindfulness, Sarah supports individuals to optimize their gut health without the food restrictions, helping you to develop a healthy and happy relationship to food.

I have supported over 100 1-1 clients in rebuilding their energy levels and performance, supporting stress and anxiety and improving their relationship to food and themselves.

Let me introduce you to

The how to beat the bloat without cutting out more food group programme.

The how to beat the bloat without cutting out more food group programmes. A 5-week online programme which will help you to beat the bloat without the food restrictions. Over 5 weeks, we will journey together, moving from food restriction to inclusion and fulfilment.

This programme is different because you’ll discover how to use a regular yoga practice to support your gut health journey alongside food. Because you know as well as I do, that everything is connected. 

Each week, we’ll meet on Zoom for an interactive education session and Q&A You’ll walk away with actionable tools and resources to work on.  You’ll also receive a weekly pre-recorded gut directed yoga flow. Helping you to build your personal digestive health toolkit. 

All participants will be added to a private member space where you can keep in touch and support each other between sessions. Navigating digestive issues can be a lonely journey, so let’s create a community and safe space together. 

Sound good? Keep reading…

The Curriculum.

How it works

Nourish: A quick Google search will tell you to cut out all the foods, but yet you’re still bloated? Week one will teach you how to move from food restriction to inclusion, so you can actually find relief from your bloating. 

Honour your hunger: Sometimes we might miss meals when we’re bloated, especially if there is no ‘safe’ option available. Week 2 will teach you why this could make things worse. 

Mindfulness: Naturally, food is the first thing that comes to mind when we’re bloated, but did you know that food is only one piece of the puzzle? How we eat is just as important as what we eat and you’ll learn all about this and the role of stress in week three.

Movement: Whether you like to curl up in a ball and hide or want to try and work off your bloat, movement plays a powerful role in preventing and managing bloating and it’s all about getting the balance right. Week four will teach you how to find your sweet spot, so you can enjoy the power of movement without the fear of the bloat! 

Build your toolkit: We are all so unique and what might work for one person, may not work for another. In this session we’ll work on creating your own personal bloating toolkit, so you have the tools to support yourself beyond our amazing journey! 


'Everything just feels calmer. I am no longer having sugar cravings and now when I do crave something I can ask myself: 'do I want this or do I just need a good moan?' Oh and my reflux is completely gone!'

'Working with Sarah has been the best decision for my overall gut health. She helped me identify issues quickly and supported me throughout the journey and I've notice such improvements that I never thought possible. I would highly recommend FIG to anyone feeling they need some tummy TLC!' - Kate


What you get

5 weekly group education sessions with Q&A

5 pre-recorded gut directed yoga flows to use each week

Weekly tasks and homework between sessions

Access to a community of likeminded people to support you

7 day recording if you miss a live session

Lifetime access to all resources and yoga flows

€259 or two payments of €129.50 
For payment options please get in touch.

Most importantly, you'll learn how to beat the bloat once and for all without needing to cut out all the foods.

If you’ve tried all the food eliminations and are still struggling with your bloating, this is for you.

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'I really enjoyed the group setting, you feel less lonely. " - Jenn