I first stumbled across yoga in late 2018 when I and a group of friends decided to try a new studio. I remember leaving the class feeling so relaxed, it was almost like I was high. I’d never felt such a sense of blissful calm and ease.
At the time I had taken some time out of my usual gym routine due to injury and also worked full time as a bar manager, which also brought a lot of stress, time on my feet and a very poor sleep schedule. Yoga came at the perfect time for me, which helped me not only balance the high stress and energy from work but also supported recovery from injury.

As time went on, I noticed so much more.

It was incredible!

  1. My digestion was better and I rarely experienced an IBS flare-up in those two years despite a stressful job.
  2. My relationship with my body was transformed and I learned to express gratitude for all it does for me each day.
  3. I felt calmer overall and was better able to manage challenging situations.

In 2020, the pandemic hit and yoga kept me sane. I continued to fall in love with this practice and all it gave me and decided when we came out of lockdown, to embark on a month long intensive yoga teacher training mainly to deepen my own practice.

Since then, I have brought the philosophy of yoga into my 1-1 work and have seen some incredible results with my clients along with having the pleasure of sharing this practice in workshops, group classes and corporate sessions.

My classes take a slow, mindful approach. Slow does not mean easy by any means! I like to encourage you to slow down from the business of life, to feel your body and to allow yourself to rest.

‘Sarah’s presentation is very inclusive’ – Siobhan

Group Classes

You can join an in person yoga class on Wednesdays at 7.30-8.30pm in Ignite Health and Fitness, Kilbarrack. Find out more information on the next block of classes








Classes at home

If you’d prefer to try yoga at home in the safety of your own space, you can try my beginner yoga course here. If you feel nervous about joining a group class and would like 1-1 support to get you started, book a discovery call here and let’s chat through your options.

For corporate enquiries, please contact for a quote.

‘Thanks very much for the class tonight. I have never done yoga before but I feel so relaxed after the class.’ – Sandra