Each case and individual is different and while similar themes will be used in my work, this will always look different to everyone. Areas we will cover include creating a structure to eating, working on hunger and fullness, mindful eating, unpacking food fears, body image, and mindfulness interventions. 

This depends greatly on the individual and where they’re at. I have seen the best results with a minimum of 3 months commitment however I have also worked with clients beyond 12 months. A commitment of 3 months minimum is recommended in order to see those positive shifts in your relationship with food. 

With a commitment from both parties, we can see great results and shifts in your relationship with food. Of course, this is a partnership and once the individual is ready and willing to do the work, we should see some great results 🙂 You can view feedback from previous clients here.

All change requires commitment, both in terms of time, energy and finance. What can be helpful is to consider how you want to feel 3, 6, or 12 months from now. There are a few options for working with me and if finance is an issue, payment plans are available. 

Power hours are available on a 1 per person basis. The reason is that in order for you to see real, long lasting results, ongoing support is required. There is only so much we can cover in one hour!

No, I do not offer support with restrictive diets. The low FODMAP diet can be a great tool in managing digestive issues but this should always be the last case option as there are tons of options before needing to go down this route. 

No, I do not as meal plans do not teach you long term, lasting change!

I have an active eating disorder, can I work with you? Unfortunately not as I am not qualified in this area.

You can read more about my qualifications here.